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Quit being hard on yourself!

All that matters is that you do your best. Everyday is going to feel different. Some days you will be able to hammer out a killer workout and other days you might only be able to handle a light walk. That is absolutely okay! Your best will change day to day. Just because you can lift heavier one day or you feel more motivated, that does not mean the days where you need to take it easy, you have failed. I have always been so hard on myself and I am honestly just learning this now. We need to start accepting ourselves for where we are at that day.

You do not need to be extreme, just consistent. This is important. I used to take it to the extremes and get so disappointed when I would fail because what I was doing was not sustainable. I would completely exhaust myself, try the fad diets (i.e., juice cleanse), and be so upset with myself thinking I failed when I didn't see the progress. It took me time to learn that healthy living is a lifestyle not a quick fix or fad diet. The only bad workout is one that did not happen. Every single workout does not need to exhaust you, every workout is going to feel different and food is fuel! Treat yourself well and your body well. Just remember consistency is key and that exercise should feel good. Let's get focused!

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