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My Story

In April 2020 I began my healthy living journey as a university student who struggled to find balance. I went through weight gain, increased stress levels and a constant struggle to feel good about myself. I thought the answers were within the fad diets (i.e., the juice cleanse). I would continue to fail and get disappointed over and over again. Once I started to educate myself and create sustainable healthy habits, I started to see real progress.

Weight loss, increased energy levels, lowered stress levels, and confidence were all outcomes of focus, dedication and patience with the lifestyle. I learned that everyone is different and what works for one person might not work for the next. I found what made me feel good, how I needed to fuel my body and fell in love with the lifestyle.

As a student, it was very difficult to find a balance between the loads of work and properly taking care of myself. Once I took the time to explore various recipes, created a workout schedule and a daily routine, I was able to fit it all in. However, I want to highlight the importance of patience. There are no quick fixes and not all positive change is going to feel good. Your body might feel the extra fatigue/pain and you will not be motivated everyday. Rest, don't quit. Trust me when I say, it is worth it.

I created Let's Get Focused with the goal to encourage others to live a healthy lifestyle, build a support system and share my story in hopes others can relate. Follow along to learn more about sustainable habits, what worked for me, delicious recipes, and advice when exploring this lifestyle.

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