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Goal Setting ✨

For many years I would set my goals very high. I never accounted for a busy work schedule, loads of homework, and the need for a social life as a young adult. As a result, I would be disappointed over and over again when I would fail to reach my goals. This feeling would eat me alive but I never seemed to learn from it. Another New Years would come and I set the exact same goals for myself and guess what, I would fail. It felt like a never ending cycle.

This year is different. I learned that I have to be really realistic with my goals while keeping in mind that I am a student who works part-time. My schedule is going to change and sometimes it will be steady, other times it might be all over the place (i.e., finals season). Sometimes you just need to cut yourself some slack and know your best is going to be different everyday.

Now I do not mean you have to completely cross off your goals, rather adjust them to suit your lifestyle slightly more. For example, I would love to workout daily but life happens and some weeks that is just not realistic. So, I am setting my workout goal to 3 times per week. I believe that is realistic for my schedule and if I can do more, great! At least I know I will not feel disappointed in myself since I have reached my goal. I encourage you to do the same!

Here are some of my goals. Hopefully they inspire and/or encourage you to set your goals and intentions for the week, month, or year...

  1. At least one vegetable a day.

  2. Read one book per month.

  3. Workout a minimum of 3 times per week.

  4. Get outside daily (a 30 minute walk is great but if I can only do 5 minutes, that is better than nothing).

  5. 3L of water daily.

  6. Stretch and move my body throughout the day.

  7. Actually take my daily greens.

  8. Increase my protein intake.

  9. Complete my morning and night skin care routine.

  10. Work my butt off!

You've got this! Let's get focused!


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1 Comment

Jan 26, 2022

how do you plan on increasing your protein? :)

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