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Cook Books

Finding a cook book that works for you...

When I first started trying out some new recipes, I was overwhelmed. I decided to buy a bunch of new cook books which I know are great books, but they did not suit my needs and then I never used them! I learned that I need a cook book that will break down the recipe, tell me roughly how long it will taken (to plan ahead), and have relatively simple recipes. The more complicated the recipe, the less likely I am to actually make it.

Next, I had to consider my dietary needs. A lot of the cook books I purchased were not gluten-free or dairy-free and making the substitutions for ingredients can be difficult. I realized a lot of those substitutions did not work for certain recipes. Not going to lie, I am also a very picky eater. With that said, as soon as I found cook books that have recipes designed to support those needs, I started loving what I was cooking.

Moral of the story is to take a look through the cook book before purchasing it. Note if there are recipes that work for you, that you are going to love making, and if you are realistically going to use it. Ask yourself, "are these recipes overly time consuming for my busy schedule", "can I eat most of the recipes in this book", "do these recipes look appetizing", etc.

Everyone is different and what I enjoy cooking might be completely different from you. However, I recommend "The Whole 30 Cook Book" by Melissa Hartwig and Dallas Hartwig. This book is technically a 30 day challenge, but if you choose to not follow it, there are loads of amazing recipes. The book outlines the prep-time and fulfills the needs of multiple different dietary restrictions.

Let's get focused!

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